Monday, July 25, 2011



Islam must be destroyed.

Free people understand that Islam is just another in a long list of violent, totalitarian, supremecist ideologies founded by just another sadistic sociopath in a long list of sadistic sociopaths, which have sought to subjugate humanity since time immemorial.

Hitler's Thousand Year Reich lasted only a few decades and was limited in geographic scope. And it was defeated.

Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge nightmare was also temporally and geographically limited. And it failed.

The spectre of Idi Amin Dada's Ugandan cannibalistic terror crumbled as quickly as it arose. And it collapsed.

But Islam is different.

Muhammed's Islam is tenacious, insidious and vicious, spanning the globe and enduring for 1,400 years. From it's violent origins in Medina, it has spread far beyond its Arabian locus.  Did you know that 2 member states of the Orgainzation of Islamic Cooperation are in South America?

Unlike Hitler's NAZI movement, Muhammed's Islamic movement has never been stopped because no one has had the will or the understanding how to stop it. But we must stop it, and we must know how to stop it.

To stop Islam we don't need, violence, guns, bombs or bullets to do it. We simply need the truth.

To destroy Islam, we must destroy the myth of its 'morality'. We must destroy the foundation of its ideology. We must destroy the personality cult of Muhammed.

We can do this by simply having the courage to state the truth - to call Islam what it is, a totalitarian terror cult - and to call Muhammed what he is, the first Islamic Jihadist and a sadistic sociopathic tyrant.

We can do this simply by using the writings of Islamists as found in their very own 'holy' books.  The Koran, the Ahadith, the Sirat Rasul Allah all document in black and white for all to discover the savagery and barbarity of Muhammed, and memorialize a record of terror and brutal subjugation by Islamists against all manner of non-Islamic peoples in every continent save Antarctica.

Our greatest weapon in the destruction of Islam is Islam itself, and in exposing its barbarian prince Muhammed and his totalitarian creed.

The pen is mightier than the Saif ul Islam (Sword of Islam).  And the sunshine of truth is the greatest disinfectant against the infection of Islam upon the corpus of humanity.

Use the words of Islam against the totalitarian terror of Islam.  Challenge the Muslim to defend the indefensible savagery of Muhammed as recorded in their own religious tomes. But we must be indefatigable, we must be tenacious, because Islam is indefatigable, Islam is tenacious.


~ The Infidel Alliance

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