Thursday, July 14, 2011



To understand Islamic terror you must first understand the primacy of the Koran as the direct, immutable, unalterable word of Allah and the eminence of Muhammed in Islamic consciousness.

The Koran 68:4 upholds Muhammed as ‘uswa hasana’ (“an exalted standard of character”), and Islamic tradition upholds Muhammed as ‘al-insan al-kamil’ or ‘the perfect man’ to be emulated by all Muslims. This is the conviction of every Muslim, from suicide bomber and airline jihadist, to the friendly Muslim down the street, because ALL Muslims profess the shahada: "There is no god but Allah and Muhammed is his messenger."

The great lie that Muhammed was some kind of holy man, a moral role model with a direct connection to God, is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon humanity. It is a massive lie that is propagated by Islam’s power to repress inquiry, dissent and the truth by theologically sanctioned fear, intimidation and violence.

The hard truth about Muhammed, as recorded for posterity in Islamic scripture, is that far  from being a virtuous 'holy prophet', Muhammed was actually a classic sadistic sociopath.

Factually, Muhammed was a mass murderer, a serial rapist, a human slaver and slave trafficker, a child rapist, a contemptuous misogynist, a sex slaver and sex trafficker, a looting stealing thief, a perfidious liar, a sadistic torturer, an obsessive decapitator, an inhuman mutilator, a savage limb amputator, an intolerant bigot, a genocidist and a self proclaimed terrorist.  

Muhammed was, by any objective standard, one of the most vile and repugnant men in the pantheon of human history...a grand mal narcissist consumed by savage power, asymptotic material greed, and unquenchable sexual lust.

Far from being a virtuous holy man, Muhammed was nothing more than a 7th century Arabian Hitler – only worse - a successful Charles Manson, only creepier and more evil.

Like Hitler and Manson, Muhammed should have been incarcerated, not venerated. Muhammed should be reviled, not revered. Yet this is the man who is the moral standard bearer for 1 billion+ Muslims.  Every pathology that afflicts Islam comes directly from this sick man, Muhammed, and the entire world suffers because of him.

Muslims know the truth about Muhammed, and they know that his barbaric immorality and savage inhumanity cannot be reconciled with modern humanity and modern human values. Thus, they dissemble and lie to perpetuate this grand myth, the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon humanity.

When confronted with the truth about their barbarian prince, Muslims have only two options:
1) to accept the truth which destroys the very foundation of their cult of Islam, or
2) they must defend the indefensible in the only way they can - though willful denial followed by fear, threats, intimidation, violence, riots, destruction and murder.

The hatred, threats and intimidation espoused by this modern day Islamic cleric, Shaykh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni, are just the latest proof positive of this unassailable theorem.

Please help spread the truth about Muhammed.

~ The Infidel Alliance

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